Bacteria Test Instructions

Testing Kit Contents

  • Whirl-Pak: Small rectangular bag with a while tablet inside. This is the bag you will use to collect your sample.

  • Compartment Bag: Large bag with separate compartments inside. This is the bag that you fill with your sample after you use the Whirl-Pak

  • Aquagenx CBT EC+TC Test Medium: Small foil packet with a powdered growth medium. This helps the E. coli grow in the bag, so that they can be detected

  • Bag Clip: Two-piece clip used to seal the Compartment Bag

Please be sure to read this entire section before starting your test

Sample collection Instructions

  1. Sanitize a clean and flat working space with disinfectant cleaning solution, paper towels or wipes.

  2. Put gloves on if possible. Avoid touching the inside of the bags with your fingers, as this may cause the test to work improperly.

  3. Tear off the perforated seam on the top of the Whirl-Pak (the small rectangular bag without separate compartment) and open it by pulling apart the two tabs in the middle.

  4. Fill the Whirl-Pak with water up to the 100 mL black line (the bottom line).

  5. Using a pair of scissors, open the Aquagenx Test Medium packet, being sure not to spill any of the powder

  6. Carefully pour the powder into the Whirl-Pak with your water sample.

    • Again, make sure to not touch the powder or the inside of the Whirl-Pak with your fingers or hands.

  7. Roll down the bendable metal seal 3-4 times, ensuring it stays above the water level.

  8. Fold over the metal tabs to close the Whirl-Pak completely.

  9. Gently swirl the Whirl-Pak until the powder is completely dissolved (should take roughly 30 seconds).

  10. Once dissolved, you may set the Whirl-Pak aside and prepare the Compartment Bag.

Compartment Bag Preparation

  1. Tear off the perforated seam on the top of the compartment bag.

  2. Open the compartment bag by pulling apart the two tabs in the middle. Do not touch the inside of the bag with bare hands or fingers.

  3. Rub the sides of the compartment bag together between your fingers so that the water sample can easily run into the compartments.

  4. Slowly pour the water sample from the Whirl-Pak into the compartment bag.

    • Ensure that each compartment is filled to the black fill line. Tilt the bag and squeeze the compartments to assist in distributing the water.

    • It is okay if it’s not perfect, but try to align water to the black lines to the best of your ability.

  5. Close the compartment bag by first rolling down the yellow seal 3-4 times, then folding in the sides of the yellow seal that stick out. Make sure not to roll the seal down too much - just above the edge of the compartments is sufficient.

  6. Place the rod-shaped part of the clip against the bag so that it is above the black fill line, but below the edge of the compartments.

  7. Place the U-shaped part of the clip on the opposite side of the compartment bag.

  8. Snap the two pieces together, ensuring that the compartments are now sealed.

Incubation Instructions

  1. Allow the compartment bag to sit undisturbed for 24 hours at room temperature or warmer. If possible, store the bag near a heat source.

    • The preferred minimum temperature is around 77˚F (25˚C), and the maximum is around 100˚F (38˚C)

    • It is important that the bag doesn’t get too cold, so make sure you don’t leave it below an air conditioning vent

    • Don’t let the bag sit in direct sunlight, as the sun’s UV rays may kill the E. coli, potentially giving you an inaccurate result. It is alright to leave the bag outside if covered by a black cloth or something that will absorb heat and will keep the bag shaded and out of the direct sun.

  2. The compartment bag may develop an odor. To help with odor control, you can place the bag in another sealed plastic bag or container during the incubation period.


  1. After 24 hours, place the compartment bag on a flat white background.

    • You can use a white piece of a paper as a background

  2. the Well Aware app to take a photo and read your results on the app.


  1. After reading and recording the results, decontaminate the water sample by adding one teaspoon (4 mL) of liquid bleach to the compartment bag.

    • After 30 minutes, pour the contents of the compartment bag into a sink or toilet and throw away the empty compartment bag.