Lead Test Instructions

Kit Contents

  • Test strip

  • Plastic vial

  • Dropper

Testing Steps

  1. Open the foil pouch and remove the dropper, test strip, and plastic vial.

  2. Using a clean container (e.g., a cup), collect some water. You will take your sample from this container.

  3. Using the dropper, squeeze two droppers full of water into the vial.

    • To draw up water, squeeze the top bulb, place the tip of the dropper fully into the water sample, and release the top bulb.

    • To release water into the vial, squeeze the top bulb again with the tip of the dropper inside the plastic vial until all water in the tube has been released. Some water may remain in the dropper bulb, this is an intentional part of the design.

  4. Swirl the vial gently for around 5 seconds.

  5. Place the vial on a flat and clean surface.

  6. Place the lead test strip in the test vial with the arrows pointing down. Be sure to hold the strip by the yellow top part.

  7. Wait 10 minutes.

    • Do not disturb the strip or vial during this time.

    • Blue lines will start to appear on the strips, but your results are not final until 10 minutes have passed

  8. After 10 minutes, take the strip out of the vial.

  9. Lay the strip on a clean and flat surface with a white background, such as a piece of printer paper, with the arrows pointing to the left (as shown below)

    • Note: if one or both of the lines is incomplete (see example images below), the test failed and your results may be inaccurate. For the best results, please retest your water with a new strip.

  10. Using the Well Aware app, take a photo of the strip and read the results.

Example Strip Images

Lead test strip with complete lines

This lead strip worked properly and provided useful colored indicator lines.

Lead test strip with incomplete line

This lead strip did not work properly, so results may be inaccurate.