Citizen Science

What is Citizen Science?

In citizen science, often referred to as community science, the public voluntarily participates in scientific research projects, normally by assisting in data collection. Community scientists provide valuable information that can increase scientific knowledge.

Some examples of other citizen science projects can be found below:

Audubon Society's Christmas Bird Count

The EarthEcho Water Challenge

University of California, Berkeley - Stardust@home

What is Citizen Science Mode in the Well Aware App?

Citizen Science Mode is one mode of operation with in the Well Aware app. By joining our citizen science campaign, you provide Well Aware researchers with your water quality data and your general location (within about 2 miles). This will help us identify where high concentrations of contaminants are, so large scale action can take place. Your participation can help directly improve the health of your neighbors and others across the United States.

Your data will never be shared with anyone except for the researchers involved in developing the app and testing kit.